Miraflores Locks AKA Panama Canal

Miraflores Locks AKA Panama Canal

The Miraflores Locks AKA Panama Canal is about a 15 minute drive outside of the city, super easy to get to and you can easily spend the entire morning / afternoon there. We arrived around 10:00 and spent the rest of the morning on the restaurant balcony sipping cappuccinos and watching ships pass through the locks. It's truly a modern marvel. After our coffee with went up to the observance decks, got some pictures of the Miraflores Locks, and then explored the Canal museum.

There's so much history in the museum about the culture of Panama and the construction on the Miraflores Locks / Panama Canal. I cannot believe men dug 51 miles through an entire country, build giant channels, and filled them with water. All of that work and no tractors, only trains, which hauled out more than 29,900,000 cubic yards of dirt. If you are headed to Panama City it's a must see. The Miraflores Locks / Panama Canal operates 24/7 so you are likely to see a giant cargo ship travel through! So cool. 

As far as culture: thousands of people came from the Caribbean, Italy, Ireland, and many other places to build the Miraflores Locks and the rest of the Panama Canal. It helps you understand why Panama is such a melting pot! For me, it gives me a lot of insight into the type of environment my great grandmother entered Panama and what brought her to the country. It gives me insight into the of environment my grandmother grew up in and makes me so grateful she made it to the U.S. 




Red Floral Top here, Skirt (similar here, & here), my go to Leather Sandals (last seen here)

Guilty of Casco Viejo

We decided not to eat lunch at the Miraflores Locks / Panama Canal, it was a buffet this day and I have no self control. Plus we and we are obsessed with Casco Viejo so we decided to go back there for lunch...

We ALMOST went back to The Dodo, but we insisted we try something new so we meandered through the tiny streets again, and I found this super cute courtyard with a beautiful graffiti wall. It was the perfect place to stop and take some photos. There's a lot of graffiti (good and bad) in Panama and this was by far the best work I'd seen. I wish we could have seen what this courtyard turns into at night because there were restaurants and bars on all 4 sides. After we walked around again, arrived at a beautiful square, and ate lunch there. It's easy to see why Casco Viejo is so appealing.

My Outfit: In Panama you stand out if you wear clothes too revealing. But in 90 degrees (F) and 80% humidity how can you wear slacks, a button down, and closed toed shoes?! No way. Luckily the women wear "short" skirts / dresses during the day so I fit in. I'm into simple outfits when I travel. I'll pack a lot of different tops and a few bottoms so I can mix and match making it appear I brought 3 suitcases worth of clothes! Denim goes with everything, so I prefer to bring several denim skirts / shorts / jeans versus fabric skirts /shorts / slacks, I feel that fabric bottoms are not as versatile and soil easily. I make sure the shoes and bag I bring / buy match because those are my go to items for 3 weeks! This outfit was perfect for this day.